Lisbeth Firmin

Paintings & Monotypes

Painter and artist, Lisbeth Firmin's works are as fresh as they are masterful, pulsating with energy. The excitement created from seeing Firmin's urban scenes of people walking down streets or standing on bus and train station platforms is arresting, in quite the same manner when looking at a John Sloan painting. What initially captures your attention is Firmin's light and clarity. There is a respect for using the available light instead of manipulating it to work to her advantage. Firmin states that she is "a contemporary American realist whose imagery explores the relationship between people and their environment...depicting modern life while exploring timeless themes of solitude and isolation; interpenetrating the light and shadow that describe the human form in a specific moment." Exhibitions of note include an exhibition of paintings and prints from the last ten years at the Martin-Mullen Fine Arts Gallery at SUNY Oneonta in 2013 and in a retrospective exhibition at the Taft School in Watertown, CT in 2011. Awards include a 2007 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship for printmaking (Lily Auchincloss Fellow) and a 2007 Community Arts Funding Grant, New York State Council on the Arts, along with a Merit Award from the 2007 Roberson Museum Regional. Firmin has also been awarded a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant.