Christine Triebert


Photographer, Christine Triebert's work is informed by the natural world, especially the shapes and forms of organic life found near her Vermont home and Vieques Puerto Rico. Found objects are arranged together in a composition, exposed by strobe lighting on a custom light box, and photographed digitally. A life-size print of the image is made on a sheet of inkjet film, which is then transferred to a piece of fabric. The fabric is prepared with charcoal, paint and gel medium, and finished with a layer of varnish. Her other series "Geomorph" was inspired by the dramatic effects of Hurricane Irene on her local landscape. Patterns seen in the flood’s aftermath of strewn rocks, piles of debris, broken branches, downed wires and layers of sand, became the subject matter for this series of abstract, connective images. Triebert also works in a unique camera-less method of image-making, creating subtly-toned botanical images with a minimalist, lyrical quality.