Deb Goldstein


Collagist and artist, Deb Goldstein works organically from the paper and objects that are present in her sights. With collage, 1+1=3 – connecting complex images and layers to create a new whole. That is the foundation for Deb Goldstein’s assemblages. All works are primarily paper ephemera and found objects that have been collected from her extensive travels, with drawing elements to emphasize line. She rarely has a preconception of what a piece will be about – she lets the materials dictate in a process of addition and subtraction in composition to take on its own premise and story. All choices are selected to reflect conscience and subconscious contexts to evoke a sense of memory, history and time. It is then, that the viewer can interpret their own story. Deb was one of 50 collage artists chosen by Todd Bartel, a highly respected and world renowned collage artist and curator, to be included in “Unfolding object” at the Concord Art Center in Concord, MA in 2019. Working as a mixed media artist for more than 20 years, her work is in many private collections.

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