About The Gallery

Rice Polak Gallery, Provincetown, MAThe Rice Polak Gallery holds a prominent place in Provincetown, Massachusetts as one of the primary venues for contemporary art. Founded by Marla Rice and Richard Polak in 1992 the focus of the gallery is on the quality and context of artwork. Marla Rice assumed sole ownership of Rice Polak in 2005. The gallery represents a select group of emerging and established artists whose work is both contemporary and contemplative. The gallery is not media specific and shows a wide cross-section of artistic approaches, including, paintings, works on paper, sculpture, photography and installations.

The philosophy of the Rice Polak Gallery is marked by a spirit of collaboration and exploration. The diverse media in the gallery’s program are united by the consistent presentation of challenging and thoughtful work. These works are often motivated by our artists’ interests in questioning established boundaries. Provincetown itself has long been recognized as a unique place, a perfect blend of remoteness and rare natural beauty. Vast numbers of artists have made the pilgrimage to Provincetown, where diversity has become the one unifying factor. The Rice Polak Gallery draws from this synthesis and brings a fresh spirit to the art scene on Cape Cod.

As businesses recognize that art has a voice and is a critical component for enhancing the image they want to project, they are turning to reputable art dealers to help them with their collecting. Rice Polak Gallery has met this demand by offering our skilled art consulting services. We will suggest a program for collecting and placing art in your business environment based on your company’s needs and objectives. We also offer this service to individual collectors and will gladly provide onsite consultation.

As we look to the future the Rice Polak Gallery is dedicated to cultivating solid relationships with museums, art critics, established and emerging collectors, and other fine art galleries. Though many of our artists have already received the imprimatur of museum exhibition or purchase, the gallery remains committed to bringing new talent to its program.

We are challenged and excited by our artists, whose work we find ever changing, often humorous, sometimes political and always stimulating. Our desire to share that challenge and excitement is what keeps us committed to our artists and to the public at large.