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Do I Repeat Myself?

"Dora Maar" - Pablo Picasso

“Do I contradict myself? So I contradict myself! I am large, I contain multitudes!” -Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass As a young artist in my twenties I came to despair of ever doing anything original (before I understood that nothing is original) because Pablo Picasso had already sucked all the air out of that room…. Read more »

Thems is Us

"Fetch" Rebecca Kincaid

There is not an animal on earth, or in our unearthly imaginations, that has not been endowed with human meaning beyond its perfect “is-ness.” The reasons for this would fill a dissertation (or a courtroom) let alone a humble notebook entry. Nevertheless, as an artist whose imagery leans heavily on their powers I need to… Read more »

Seduction and The Senses

drawing with digital pencil

The new, virtual “pencil” at the Apple Store called to her like a siren on a rock. It was a futuristic novelty – lean, elegant, white, weighted. With neither lead point nor eraser it also felt oddly mute, as if a real pencil were hermetically sealed inside. The lean, elegant, white, genius from the Genius… Read more »



“For me she’s the weeping woman. For years I’ve painted her in tortured forms, not through sadism, and not with pleasure, either; just obeying a vision that forced itself on me. It was the deep reality, not the superficial one… Dora, for me, was always a weeping woman….And it’s important, because women are suffering machines.”… Read more »

The Artist’s Dilemma

Coyote - Elli Crocker

That dead coyote lay on the edge of the road. I’d pass it driving the girls to school, wondering why no DPW crew had removed it. Drivers whizzed by the luminous thing as if it were a figment of my imagination. It was spring and things were waking up. Finally I could no longer resist… Read more »

Interview with an art dealer

As an artist who exhibits in a gallery, I’ve wondered what it’s like to be the art dealer. So I persuaded Marla Rice to answer a few questions: What does she look for in work she’s considering for the gallery? “Above all it’s the quality of the work. I’m interested in diversity more than subject… Read more »

The Dark Side of Light


TENEBRISM: from the Italian, tenebroso (murky) – a style of chiarpscuro painting using violent contrasts of light and dark, where darkness becomes a dominating feature of the image.  –Art Definitions And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.  God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the… Read more »

Stilled Life

Stilled Life “I have fallen in love with a painting. Though that phrase doesn’t seem to suffice … rather it’s that I have been drawn into the orbit of a painting, have allowed myself to be pulled into its sphere by casual attraction deepening to something more compelling. I have felt the energy and life… Read more »

The Thing You Need is Often Nearby

“The thing you need is often nearby.”  – James Joyce “A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.”   -Antoine de Saint-Exupery Before he died too young, Provincetown artist Ray Keyton constructed shadow boxes. Precisely conceived, their harmony, their mystery, their… Read more »

The Point of No Return

Cave Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc

After listening to a radio piece about the discovery of France’s newest, oldest cave full of prehistoric drawings, the title of this entry was going to be, “The Ephemeral Drawing.” The site is called Cave Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc and into eons of pure, protective darkness, the cave’s discoverers introduced a new alchemy of light, and carbon dioxide…. Read more »