Elli Crocker

Paintings & Drawings

Painter, Elli Crocker is one of the gallery's and New England's most powerful and inventive artists. Her work continues her exploration of the theme of man's relationship to the physical world. There is always a strong psychological edge to the artist's work. She uses her superb draftsmanship combined with mixed media to point up the fragility of human existence and the relationships amidst the more potent aspects of modern technology. Working on mylar a translucent ground, which allows her to create multi-layered works, Crocker is further enabled to transmit her message of the layers of meaning in both existence and truth. The artist has increasingly turned her attention away from humankind to create “portraits” of individual (and highly unusual) animals and plants. These large works, as well as her smaller oils on canvas are, as always, arresting in their power and spellbinding in their intensity.