The visual landscape in collage shows continual decisions between the conscious and subconscious and Deb Goldstein’s work are fine examples of this process. She works organically from the paper and objects that are present in her sights. There are no preconceived ideas in context or composition. She then arranges and rearranges to build the story out from a central image to let it emerge. She adds signature elements that give depth and layering to create complex images while following the order of line. The objects and paper come together to evoke a sense of age, memory and time. They are delicate, subtle and mysterious. Deb has traveled extensively to gather ephemera and objects from all over the world. A piece may center around a handwritten letter from Rome or a glass slide from Paris. Deb was awarded an Artist in Residence in Farnese, Italy in May of 2013. Working as a mixed media artist for more than 20 years, her work is in many private collections.