Video: 2017 Group Show

A virtual tour of the 2017 group installation at Rice Polak Gallery…the best of our contemporary artists exhibiting together in our gallery in Provincetown. Email us if anything catches your eye!

The artists that appear in this video are:
Luciana Abait
Bruce Ackerson
Olga Antonova
Peter Arvidson
Stanley Bielen
Blair Bradshaw
Larry Calkins
William Ciccariello
Elli Crocker
Vico Fabbris
Lisbeth Firmin
Jennifer Goldfinger
Deb Goldstein
Adam Graham
Michele Harvey
Suzanne Howes-Stevens
Iren Handschuh
Rebecca Kinkead
Mallory Lake
Ellen LeBow
Julie Levesque
Tim Liddy
Anne Lilly
Willy Little
Shaun MacDavid
Joshua Meyer
Nick Patten
Swede Plaut
David Prifti
Edward del Rosario
Matt Schofield
Robert Sherer
Steven Skollar
Michael Snodgrass
Dawn Southworth
Sean Thomas
Christine Triebert
James Tyler
Patrick Webb
Robin Winfield
Rusty Wolfe